Providers of software for

online DBS Disclosures and

online Basic Disclosures

to Registered Bodies and

Registered Umbrella Bodies within the UK.


If your company wants to do DBS checks,

but you don’t want to write your own software,

you need to talk to us.


What we offer

  • Online DBS checks – including reminders
  • Online Basic checks (Disclosure Scotland)
  • DBS Updating Service – fully managed renewal service
  • Applicant only certificate management system – deals with occasions where certificate has information to disclose
  • Applicant pays facility (eg SagePay)
  • Integration to your other systems
  • Invoicing systems for accurate billing and to reduce cash flow pressures.
  • Full management reporting
  • No long term contract
  • Guaranteed compliance with legislative change
  • Co-branding and bespoke opportunities
  • eLearning support systems that you can use to ensure the organisations you work with know what they are supposed to.

Why you can be confident dealing with us

We are one of only a handful of approved DBS/MOJ eBrokers.

We are one of the largest providers of DBS checks within the UK. We have been providing eBulk services for 4 years.

Our systems are secure, reliable, robust and easy-to-use.

We are UKAS certified for ISO 27001, and ISO 22301 (very few organisations have this)

Our screens are W3C AA compliant

Data is stored in the UK. We use world-class state-of-the-art data centres and a world renowned ISP. Our networks have guaranteed 100% uptime and our technical support network is second-to-none.

How we work

We are interested in forming open and honest partnerships that benefit both parties.

We are interested in adding value.

We are interested in providing smart effective solutions that work.

We are interested in improving our software offerings. Consequently it is very easy to get enhancements to the software made and delivered.

We are a no-nonsense, no frills company. We do what we say we are going to do.


Our pricing structure reflects our attitude. It is pitched so that we remain profitable and sustainable but is still one of the least expensive in the marketplace. Our pricing is designed to allow you the financial margin and motivation to grow your (and our) business.

Broadly we offer two services:

Bare metal – which is a stripped-back software only service. In this case you would need to have the support infrastructure in place to provide the appropriate level of product knowledge and support to your client base. We would only support technical queries, and then only from designated individuals within your organisation.

Fully supported – we would offer you second-line support for the product, expert legislative support and a host of other support activities on a ‘best efforts’ model. There would be telephone support through normal working hours. Our fully supported model is entirely focussed on customer service and is the best in the market. We support in excess of 10,000 customers using this method.

Please use the Contact Us link to discuss further.